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Litigation: Calm is Contagious

Hollis Laidlaw & Simon’s litigation team handles a broad range of matters for their clients and resolves them efficiently and effectively – and perhaps most importantly, level-headedly. While ready and able to fight for their clients at trial, the firm’s litigators know that the best outcome for their clients is to achieve the most favorable resolution possible without the cost and delay of litigation. The litigation team has the skills, knowledge, creativity, and experience to achieve those resolutions.   

Whether representing litigants in commercial cases, real property disputes, employment, or fiduciary matters, the litigation team is able to steer their clients from an often-heated position to a more rational mindset that enables time- and cost-effective results.  

Partner Moira Laidlaw, who heads the trusts & estates practice, which often calls for litigation support in contested guardianship proceedings, said of Managing Partner David Simon, “Calm is contagious, and Dave is disarmingly skilled at keeping everyone calm and collaborative so that things can get settled out of court.”

With 25 years of experience, an uncanny understanding of Civil Practice Law and Rules, and facility across all judicial forums, including state and federal courts, agencies, commissions, and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) tribunals, Simon is particularly adept at resolving his clients’ litigation matters. “Dave can extricate his clients from a lawsuit and get cases dismissed quicker than anyone I know,” said Laidlaw. “He can do in two hours what other lawyers do in 20 hours.” 

That same efficiency and groundedness also lends itself to positive relationships in the legal community. Said Simon, “We strike a balance between fiercely advocating for our clients, while at the same time, maintaining respected relationships with the courts and our professional colleagues. The respect and credibility we have earned over the years greatly benefits our clients.” Simon summed up the secret to the litigation practice’s success over the last 50 years. “We’re looking for solutions that make sense, and protracted litigation is rarely the best solution. We want to resolve our clients’ matters as swiftly and economically as possible, and our reasonable approach facilitates that end.”